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Rosie’s Early Learning Educational Program

The Centre provides child-centred approach to learning where each child’s uniqueness is valued, appreciated and celebrated.  The program is based on rich documentation taken of the children identifying their interests, strengths and emerging skills. This is the program that will operate in all rooms of the centre.  Educators will work with children based on their skills. We see that the children will learn best when they are interested in the topic and will utilise the interests of the children as the driver of the program.  This program will engage children in many learning opportunities to develop skills in all the developmental areas.


We see the value of investigation and exploration as a critical tool for children to utilise whilst learning.  To achieve this we provide the children with stimulating environments full of opportunity.  Tradition programs require the teachers to take the full leadership in the child’s learning, deciding all the activities for the day.  The children in these traditional programs play a relatively passive role in their own learning and development. 


At Rosie’s Early Learning we see children as competent, skilled young citizens and therefore our program reflects a much more child driven program.  You will see children involved in long term investigative projects that may last a week, a month or many months.  


Play is a child’s unique way to learn about their world.  It is also a means of expressing knowledge from previous experience.  We aim to provide opportunities for boys and girls to play freely regardless of any stereotype roles they may choose.  Play is a critical learning tool for children and therefore we will always provide children will challenging, thought provoking experiences that are not just fun but also engaging and educational

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