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Aims and Values


The educators at Rosie’s Early Learning will utilise the aims of the centre as a tool for reflection and enhancement.  These aims will broadly outline the learning and engagement undertaken by educators to deliver the highest quality education and care that can be provided.


  • Relationships are vital for all members of the community to feel valued and respected.  The educators will always engage in respectful conversations and interactions with children, families and colleagues.


  • The environment will always be safe, empowering, inclusive and free of bias.


  • Communication will occur with all families, children and educators on the daily engagements and the long term work of the children.  Families will have many opportunities to contribute to the centre’s operations and programs.


  • The educational program will always be a strength based strategy driven by the collected documentation of children’s learning and play and the contributions of colleagues and parents.


  • Children will have opportunity to take learning journeys of exploration and discovery at their own pace. These journeys will be clearly documented and provided for the families.


  • Children’s skill will be developed over all developmental areas of learning through appropriate, challenging learning experiences


  • The centre’s management will always endeavour to be transparent, professional and informative of any changes.

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